Aaaaand We’re Back!

The site went down on Friday after I tried to do a little bit of “emergency surgery” on the blog due to a malware infestation, and I accidentally cut the wrong thing. I had to more or less completely rebuild the blog from scratch and port over the posts and pages from the old blog to this new one. However, we’re back in action and malware-free — for now. You know how porous WordPress’ security features are.

This little hiccup prevented me from spending meaningful time on creating additional posts this weekend, but I have a few more up my sleeve. I’ll start working on them as I can.

One thought on “Aaaaand We’re Back!

  1. Love your website! Being in McMinnville, I encounter the Bypass frequently. Virtually every time I drive it, I think about what might have been if the 1981 Willamette River bridge plan had gone through. Ironically, when the project collapsed (thanks to Marion County), a pot of money suddenly became available. Frank Nelson, a Linfield professor, applied for and received a chunk of that money to improve the community theater in McMinnville! So McMinnville is better for it, I suppose.

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